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Lotus Revival Yoga


Our Boutique Studio

Lotus Revival Yoga is located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Featuring one-to-one classes in studio and online, as well as group classes, and private events. Our boutique studio is vibrant, grounding, calm, and revitalizing. Providing a safe space to reflect, grow, and have fun!

Our Mission Statement

Generating connectedness through energizing, compassionate, and blossoming yoga.


All of our instructors are Canadian Yoga Alliance (CYA) Certified Instructors. All specialization certifications are obtained through CYA approved courses.


Whether in studio or online, you'll find all of our classes are relaxing, revitalizing, and designed for what you need in the moment. You can also book a complimentary consultation to have a class created just for you!


Our boutique studio is located in the quiet town of Outlook, Saskatchewan. A bright, grounding space that embraces various ages and abilities. 


We have so many students practicing with us online that we've decided to travel to them! This summer we'll continue our journey offering yoga classes across Canada in Manitoba and Ontario. Subscribe to our mailing list for more details.

What our students are saying,


I absolutely recommend Lotus Revival Yoga, especially to beginners who may be feeling self conscious about trying yoga for the first time.

I recently participated in a guided gentle yoga session with Jennifer, from the comfort of my very own home. Jennifer was supportive and caring, offering modifications for poses I required help with. She offered kind words, and made me feel at ease, and that it was ok that my poses weren’t “perfect”. I especially enjoyed the guided meditation part of the session and felt so relaxed that I almost fell asleep!

I hope Jennifer has availability for another session soon!


I recently enjoyed a calming yoga and meditation session, Jennifer’s encouraging guidance was just what was needed. I felt confident and peaceful through out.

Jennifer also took the time to ensure I knew what to expect- which is always appreciated. Can’t wait to participate in another session!


Jenn is such a calm, caring instructor that takes a lot of time to thoughtfully plan a yoga session that matches her students' needs. She really listens to what you are hoping to get out of a session, and researches to find out what some best practices are for your specific situation.

In my case, I struggle with Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and thought it would be beneficial to try Lotus Revival Yoga to try and help relieve some of my RLS symptoms. Incredibly, Jenn went above and beyond researching about best practice and yoga stances/stretches in hopes of providing some relief to my neurological (& physical) symptoms; she even went as so far to coin my sessions as RestFUL Leg Syndrome which I thought was endearing (& ingenious)!

Finally, as a beginner, and somewhat reluctant to practicing yoga (only having had a few brief introductory yoga sessions in my life that didn't go very well), I recommend Lotus Revival Yoga; Jenn is such a compassionate, patient and understanding yoga teacher that wants to share her passion with you! I hope others are as lucky as I have been to be invited into a non-judgemental, calm space where peace and relaxation grounds their soul; and that space is Lotus Revival Yoga ❤️


Jennifer has such a warm and kind person she makes you feel comfortable no matter your experience level. She offers small, intimate classes which makes it easier to ask questions and she can help you with your form.

After taking a class with a few friends I booked a one on one class to work on my flow. She was very helpful with form and was flexible in the structure of the class. We were able to do an extra flow series and then do stretches for my tight hips!

I will definitely be booking more classes!

Highly recommend!!!!

Meet Our Team

Jennifer Davey

 Founder of Lotus Revival Yoga 

Canadian Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor

Certified Wellness Coach

Jennifer is passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone. Each person should feel they have a safe space to practice both on and off the mat.

Arrabella Davey

Yoga Participant

Arrabella loves yoga! She has a very calm and gentle nature. Arrabella is excellent at relieving anxiety and is always ready for adventures!

Artemis Davey

Yoga Participant

Artemis is a beginner to yoga and enjoys it already! Artemis enjoys wandering during vinyasas and loves the excitement during Yoga for Kids!

Joel Davey

Co-Founder of Lotus Revival Yoga

Marketing Director

Buildings Project Manager

Joel enjoys starting each day with mindfulness and yoga poses. Joel's practice helps prepare him for triathlons and long distance swim competitions. 

Yoga Teacher Training Certificates




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